The programme has recently been delivered in Byerley Park Primary School with the following impact:

The Impact:

85% of staff surveyed would recommend the programme to other schools and colleagues.

Team Up Staff has given us a real wake-up call in terms of looking after ourselves as a staff unit, as well as us as individuals. Staff have really taken on board the ideas and we have definitely become a stronger team. We have taken the ideas even further and are ensuring we look after our own mental and physical well-being. It is a programme that I would highly recommend all schools to take part in.

Alison Gargan, Headteacher


Dean Bank Primary School

“Best training session ever.”


“Team Up has motivated me to change different aspects of my work and personal life.”


“I enjoyed the whole day.”


“Loved the whole concept of this, never seen it before…excellent!”


Woodham Burn Primary School

“The whole day was very interesting and motivating.”


“I enjoyed everything. I feel like I have the skills now to really make a difference to my own thought processes and can use this in class too…brilliant!”


“I now understand my team more and how we work.”


“The Team Up team are very passionate about the training which ignited my passion to learn more!”