Team Up Staff

Team Up Staff is a revolutionary new health and wellbeing programme for school staff. The programme will inspire your school staff to discover ways to feel healthier, happier and motivated towards a balanced personal and professional life.

Minimum package:
1 x ½ day workshop


  • Introduction to brain
  • How we process information
  • Working with your sub-conscious
  • Changing your focus to helpful thoughts
  • Introduction to the Brainy Bunch
  • Creating helpful habits


Benefits to staff:

Learning how our brain works is an empowering experience which can change how we view ourselves, our colleagues and the world around us. Staff will feel in more in control of their thoughts and actions and have an understanding of how they can create more helpful habits to maintain good mental health and wellbeing.

Build up your package for best results

Enhance your Team Up Staff Programme with the following workshops. Workshop names relate to our Brainy Bunch characters. Member of the Brainy Bunch relate to parts of the brain or brain chemicals that play a key role in mental health and wellbeing. Learn how to work with all the chemicals and tools/techniques to increase their levels or cope with high levels to take control of your own mood.

Serotonin and Dopamine –

Learn how to improve your mood naturally – be happy!

Cortisol, Lizard and Adrenalin –

Understanding and dealing with stress and anxiety – take control!

BDNF and Norepinephrine –

The positive affect of physical activity on the brain and body – motivation to get moving!

Oxytocin –

Understanding yourself and how you to connect with others to improve team cohesion. Be the best team!

Melatonin and Myelin –

Understand the impact of technology n our brains and discover the antidote – get the best out of your brain!

Team Up Staff Costs: 


(for up to 25 staff members, including resources)

or for best results and cost effectiveness add on an additional workshop:


1 Full day (as above plus PM workshop) 


Build your own bespoke package!