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Hannah Bell and Sedgefield SSP

Hannah Bell - Clarity

Hi, I am Hannah Bell and I am an experienced Personal and Organisational Change Consultant trading as Hannah Bell Clarity. As a former teacher, I am excited to bring my knowledge of neuroscience and wellbeing techniques to education, working with Sedgefield SSP.

We all know that our brains are a fantastic piece of sophisticated equipment, but sadly they don’t come with instructions or a handy user manual, so as we go through life, we have to learn to use our brain in the best way possible and I can help with that.

I work with children and teaching staff regularly in my 1-2-1 private sessions and I would like to support more people with my knowledge and techniques earlier in their journeys. Team Up is all about prevention and tools to lead a healthy and happy life!

Sedgefield School Sport Partnership

Sedgefield SSP is a Community Interest Company that delivers a wide range of educational PE and School Sport programmes in County Durham and Darlington.

At Sedgefield SSP we are committed to our mission statement and love to innovate and create new products and programmes that will help us to achieve our goal. We want as many children as possible to lead healthy active lifestyles. We recognise that physical activity has a key role to play in, not only physical health but also personal development, mental health, emotional wellbeing and even academic achievement. We want to teach children all about it so that they can learn look after themselves and thrive in the modern world. We also want to teach staff all about it, so they can also look after themselves as well as being good role models for their pupils.

We’ve ‘Teamed Up’ with Hannah Bell Clarity who has delivered Health and Wellbeing workshops (as well a range of leadership and company development workshops) to our Company for the last four years. These workshops have benefited our staff greatly and been the catalyst for this collaboration. We bring the physical activity expertise and Hannah brings the neuroscience and wellbeing techniques.

For more information about Sedgefield SSP visit our website www.sedgefieldssp.org.uk 

Mission statement:

‘We are a child centered organisation who provide positive, high quality PE and sporting opportunities to inspire and motivate all young people, raising their aspirations to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.’

Is mental health and wellbeing a priority for you? 

Let’s Team Up!

TWO Programmes


Team Up is a NEW programme that blends the positive powers of physical activity and mental wellbeing techniques to improve the lives of all involved!  We are dedicated to providing everyone with a variety of tools to stay well and thrive in modern life.